Multiple Teams · Strong start to the HA Cross Country season

CC 2016 Team Photo

In their first meet of the season, the Houston Academy varsity boys and junior high boys cross country teams took 2nd place in the Providence Early Eagle Invitational on August 25th at the Forever Wild Trail in Dothan.

Carson Daugherty, 10th grader, came in 5th out of 100 runners, with a time of 19:42 for the varsity boys. Rounding out the team were Gunnar Smith (8th), Christopher Tamburin (10th), Nicholas Dulaney (12th), Will Thompson (10th), Andrew Tamburin (10th), Peyton Sanders (9th), Luke Thompson (8th), and Dalton Mathis (8th).

For the Junior High boys 2 mile run, John Connor Daugherty, 7th grade, came in 5th with a time of 15:03, Trent Wiley (8th) with a time of 15:13, and Dylan Wiley also a 7th grader, with a time of 15:52. Rounding out the Junior High boys team were 7th graders Conner Henexson, Caleb Hubbard, and Luke Fernandez.

The girls team also excelled with Madison Patel, 8th grader, leading the way with Emma Jenne (11th), Sarah Kate Egge (9th), and Lydia Gil (8th).

Teams competing were : Charles Henderson, Dothan High School, Enterprise High,                 Eufaula HS, Headland, Northview, Providence Christian School, Straughn High School and Vicksburg High.